Advanced Cloud Advisory Services

RightCloudz Advanced Cloud Advisory Services have been designed to ensure that enterprises have a significantly improved and smooth experience as they migrate their applications and services from in-premise data centers to a hybrid cloud or a public cloud. If your enterprise is considering moving to the cloud for your infrastructure or application requirements, but is finding the entire process daunting and unmanageable, our team of highly skilled professionals are here to help you.

Skilled Teams Our teams are right-skilled and technology-equipped for large cloud migrations involving multiple applications and platforms.

Careful Analysis Comprehensive, fine-grained analysis of your current applications and infrastructure to develop the best cloud strategies for you.

Successful Strategies RightCloudz teams partner with your IT organization to develop highly successful cloud migration strategies that deliver results in a time bound manner.

Please review our advisory services offerings and contact us at for further information and connecting with one of our professional cloud advisors.

Please include a brief description of your current environment and your current plan for migration to cloud.
Cloud Readiness & ROI Assessment
Comprehensive assessment of your current infrastructure, applications, workflows and people readiness for migration to cloud including a vendor independent ROI Assessment to help you plan better.

Public Cloud Evaluation for complex scenarios
Highly customized and detailed cloud evaluation services for infrastructure and application environments with special and uniquely inter-related requirements.

Business Requirements Platform Requirements Industry Verticals
Geographic distribution of apps or user base Email and Collaboration services on cloud Healthcare
OS specific requirements, Volume of data (inbound and outbound) Database as a Service, Big Data application services Retail, E-commerce
Hybrid Cloud, Complex VM configurations, Volume, Elasticity Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Manufacturing, Supply Chain

Cloud Vendor selection based on areas of concern
Cloud evaluation and advisory based on specific areas of concern to the customer e.g. Cloud Security, Data Privacy, Regulatory Compliance, Cost and Performance etc.