Technology Innovations

While the proliferation of cloud services and vendors over the past years has been great for cloud consumers, it has also presented a unique set of complexities and challenges when making purchasing decisions for cloud assets. The large number of cloud vendors (often with similar sounding services) in multiple geographies, highly competitive nature of business and fast-paced innovations from the vendors make it very difficult for a cloud consumer to make scientific and rational comparison of vendors and their services prior to purchasing.

The team of cloud professionals and researchers at RightCloudz set about solving this evaluation conundrum by building some innovative technologies and systems to help remove some of the pain from the task of comparing and evaluating cloud vendors based on the customer's specific business needs.

RankCloudz Cloud Intelligence

At the heart of the RankCloudz system is a huge knowledge base of ever-growing information about major cloud vendors worldwide. This knowledge base has been created with a view to incorporate both static and dynamic information about cloud vendors and their services. At this time, the information has been gathered largely from publicly available sources, but the knowledge has been designed to incorporate multiple information sources - including those from the vendors directly. Some of the key capabilities are:

Fine grained data and standardized information about a large number of cloud vendors.

Detailed parameters and relevant measures for each parameter.

Consistent measurements and scoring for each vendor.

Extensible model to accommodate new cloud offerings, offering combinations etc.

The team of researchers at RightCloudz take great effort to keep this information current using both automated and manual techniques.
RankCloudz Cloud Intelligence